Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flowers.... or lack thereof

It's been over three weeks now and the powderpuff seeds still have not sprouted. I am ready to accept defeat. The question now is, do I try again? I think my garden definitely needs at least one flower pot in the mix so yes, I will try again. This weekend calls for a trip to the nursery for some additional supplies and hopefully some free advice from the friendly employees.

This past week was my birthday and some very thoughtful friends gifted me three great gardening books and a gift card to home depot. I intend to use the gift card for some added supplies and the books for some much needed research.

In addition to the books, I have found a great online forum ( where a wide variety of people with gardens connect to share advice and tips. My favorite part of the forum is that people are extremely friendly and eager help answer questions and to provide advice. Already between the books and the online forum I've learned some valuable information that would have been very helpful at the start of this project. I say better late than never when it comes to acquiring new knowledge. I will certainly be better prepared for the next round of seeding.

1 comment:

  1. It sucks that your flowers did not take the first time.

    I say you try again. Who knows?