Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heat Wave

Yesterday the temperature in West Hollywood hit 111 degrees and I did not take precautions to protect my plants form the scorching heat. The brutal weather finished off what was left of my snow peas.

The squash, thyme and the flower box were also hit hard. Some of the leaves on the squash plants look dry and wilted.

The thyme didn't fare so well either. It's difficult to see in this picture but some of the leaves were burned and up close they look as though I put a lighter right up to the leaves and singed them.

As for the seedlings in the flower box half them have gone completely limp and appear to be dead. Some of the swiss chard leaves were also affected, but as before, I think they will recover.

Today's weather forecast predicts a slight "cooling" off with temperatures in the mere 90s. Before leaving the house though I made sure to bring a few of the plants into my living room. I don't think they can take another day in the sweltering heat. I did leave the larger squash plant and the peppers outdoors.

It's really amazing (and not in a good way) that the growth and progress that took a few months to accomplish was nearly wiped out in just one day. As of this post the temperature is 94 degrees. By this time yesterday it was already well over 100 so hopefully it's a sign that the temperatures will in fact continue to drop the rest of the week.

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