Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This morning I walked out to my patio and found that my squash plant is in bloom! For the past week or so I had noticed a rather large bud that I assumed was a baby squash in the early stages. That was clearly not the case as it was a flower all along:

The flower is cool, but now I am really puzzled as to where the squash will form (or if they will at all). There are various other buds along the stems, which I think will all eventually turn into flowers but what I really want is squash. I'm hoping that the flowers are indicators that the squash is coming.


  1. Actually, the flower itself is the baby squash. When the flower gets pollinated, the flower will shrivel up leaving the ovary still there. Then, it will get larger til it's time to pick it! So, flower = squash! The more flowers you see, the more squash you will end up with!

  2. Good to know! Thanks for the info.....i'm definitely past the shriveling up part so hopefully that means the squash is on its way!