Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 9

Nine days after being planted, the first of the squash seeds has sprouted! Up to this point there had been no sign of life coming from this planter, but overnight this seedling popped up from the soil and is already about two inches long. Unlike the other plants, where multiple seedlings sprouted at the same time there is only one squash seedling at the moment. However, I'm hoping that the rest will soon follow.

As you can see below, at nine days, the swiss chard really seems to be taking off. There are multiple seedlings that have sprouted. It's a bit difficult to see from the picture but the swiss chard seedlings are quite colorful; red, purple and yellow are among the colors. As the seedlings continue to grow and develop into full leaves I suspect this plants will provide a nice splash of color on my balcony.

As for the thyme and basil, there is very little change from the previous pictures I posted. The newly planted seeds have been in the soil for only a couple days so there is no growth, but I am hopeful that in a few more days I will start to see some signs of sprouting. For the newly planted seeds I continue watering twice a day, morning and night. The squash, chard, basil and thyme I've been watering less frequently. I have been monitoring each of these plants to make sure the soil is moist and only watering them as needed.

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