Sunday, July 18, 2010

One week later

After six days of being planted, the basil seeds are really starting to take off. There are many more seedlings sprouting; as you can see from the picture below.

On the seventh day there is even more progress from the basil. There is visible growth from one day to the next, which is very encouraging. At this rate, I feel that my plant may yield edible leaves in just a few short weeks.

As for my other plants, the thyme has also started sprouting and is now growing at about the same rate as the basil. Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the other plants were inadvertently erased. The swiss chard has also been coming along quite nicely. There are about eight multi-colored sprouts that have come through the soil. The squash is not faring as well. At the moment there seems to be only one seedling in the very early stages of sprouting. Looks like this seed is slower to sprout so I am not too worried just yet.

After watering my plants this morning, Ryan and I decided to take a quick trip to another nursery to buy more potting soil and perhaps some more seeds.

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